Connected everywhere

The fixed-mobile integration can be used on Apple iOS and Android mobile phone. The mobile device connects with the Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, offering an in-office experience and ensuring that you will never miss a call when you are out of the office. An additional advantage is that the mobile call charges decrease, because the VoIP phone calls are made through the office switchboard.

Take your fixed workplace with you

The office phone number goes with you everywhere. The mobile users are continually accessible on the office phone number, without having to use their own mobile number.


The extension overview displays all phones in the office, showing clearly whether a colleague is available. This makes it easy to put the call through to the right person.

Enhanced experience with the new CallKit

With CallKit, the calls through fixed-mobile integration have the look and feel of a standard phone call. The phone rings using the standard Apple iOS or Android user interface. CallKit ensures higher priority for VoIP calls and fewer interruptions.

Smart design and user-friendly

Linkus was designed to make calling more pleasant and easier, for example by supplementing the phone number when this is dialled. Moreover, Linkus remembers the recent numbers, so these can be activated with a single click.

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